How to win the race to recovery: Webinar

At Detecon USA, we unite
business continuity advice
with deep digital tech &
connectivity expertise.


Strategic resilience with OKRs

Reconnect your teams with strategic resilience and results. Our virtual OKR services rapidly deliver alignment, accountability and resilience for distributed teams in an uncertain environment. From aligning on the new plan to guiding strategic execution with OKRs and CFRs, Detecon offers tailored solutions to keep your teams moving.

Innovation in times of uncertainty

We offer our knowledge in people empowerment, strategy alignment, and agile innovation management to turn your organizational ideas into scalable business solutions. Together with our partners, we support you in discovering your ideas, creating an innovation management process and executing it towards success.

Special: Airport Innovation

Not only with running the Airport Innovation Lab at San Diego Airport, but we also gained a broad experience in consulting services in the airport environment. We support Airports to attract, leverage and execute ideas and innovation, as well as to connect with start-ups, which will create benefits for passengers, employees, and airlines.

IoT - Internet of Things

We leverage our deep understanding of connected services for our clients to grow their business as well as to enter new markets. Our clients benefit from our wide service portfolio, encompassing IoT readiness checks, strategy building and execution.

Edge & Cloud Computing

Our clients leverage our Cloud Service expertise to leanify their digital infrastructure and grow their operational efficiency. Our service portfolio encompasses Cloud Readiness check, Cloud Strategies and full service Cloud Transformation.


5G and Optical Networks

We understand the market-specific barriers that prevent companies to maximize their operational efficiency and support our clients to implement 5G solutions to run their connected business with low latency & high bandwidth.


The Project Lead OKR Quick Start Guide

Your business executive is excited by the potential of OKRs and has tasked you with delivering a seamless and effective rollout. This quick start guide is for you – it will help you with the first steps in standing up the OKR project and also creating the foundation...

Baggage Nanny Is All Set To Make Its Mark On U.S. Airports

Have you also experienced that long layover? Do you find canceled flights bothersome? Don't like to wait for the hotel room to check-in? Baggage Nanny is your all-in-one solution. Baggage Nanny has collaborated with the Airport Innovation Lab at San Diego Airport to...

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 122

#1 Mobile World Congress canceled over coronavirus concerns One of the world’s largest mobile phone showcase, Mobile World Congress (MWC), has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns. The GSM Association (GSMA), which organizes the show, said the event couldn’t go...

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 121

#1 Tesla’s stock keep going up Tesla’s stock surged this week following positive developments related to its battery suppliers and optimistic analyst forecasts. The company’s joint battery venture with Panasonic finally became profitable in the last quarter of 2019,...

The Business Executive’s OKR Cheat Sheet

Objectives and Key Results are a journey that you will not get 100% right the first time. Most of the OKRs value comes through achieving them, and not setting them. Communication with the organization is essential to drive OKR success. These success drivers are...

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 120

#1 SpaceX successfully stress-tested its Starship program SpaceX successfully stress-tested a fuel tank to the point of failure, completing an important step for the development of its next Starship prototype. A previous, less intense test, resulted in a burst weld....

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 119

#1 Mojo Vision turns a contact lens into an AR screen Mojo Vision, a California-based tech startup, is developing the world’s first true smart contact lens that projects augmented reality (AR) information. The team showcased the tech at this year’s CES in Las Vegas....

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 118

#1 Apple acquires edge-based AI startup Apple has purchased, a Seattle-based startup specializing in edge-based, low power AI tools. The deal is reportedly valued at around $200 million with Xnor’s image recognition tools potentially deployed in future...

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 117

#1 | Sony surprises CES with the Vision-S concept electric car Sony unveiled an electric concept sedan, called the Sony Vision-S, at this year’s CES. In a move that surprised many, the Japanese tech conglomerate demonstrated its strengths in different tech areas. The...

Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 116

#1 | Boeing fires CEO Dennis Muilenburg in a boardroom shake-up Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was ousted as the aviation giant looks for ways to solve a number of problems, including fatal crashes, delays, and issues with its 737 Max airplane. Chairman David Calhoun...

Leadership Team

Stefan Wilhelm
CEO, Managing Partner

Stefan is the CEO of Detecon USA and a member of the Management Board of Detecon Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate strategy, business innovation, growth, and partnering. Stefan’s specialties include digital change, corporate strategy, leadership, and organizational renewal.

Joseph Noronha
COO, Director

Joseph is the COO and Director of Detecon USA with over 10 years of international consulting experience. He brings sales, business development, and hands-on expertise in leading multidisciplinary project teams. Joseph’s specialties include edge computing, IoT across home, manufacturing, automotive, telecom and logistics verticals, and in other emerging connectivity technologies.

Philipp Schett
Director, Innovation

Philipp Schett, the Director of Innovation, is an expert in people empowerment, ecosystem building and strategic alignment. He brings over 10 years of extensive experience in empowering organizations to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation.

Thomas Switala
Director, Connectivity

Thomas is a Director of Connectivity with more than 15 years of experience in global communications markets. Passionate about finding innovated solutions in connectivity and connecting the unconnected. Specializing in telecommunication infrastructures and leading specialized projects in technical strategies, transformation and operations.

Who We Are

Detecon USA provides innovation, growth and digital technology advise to a range of clients from startups to global enterprises. Our core expertise includes growth advisory based on OKRs, innovation empowerment and connectivity services. We assist our clients to harness the latest technologies, agile frameworks and business models to drive step change performance improvements. Detecon Inc. is part of the Detecon Group.

The Detecon Group is a 1,100 person strong innovation-consulting powerhouse of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile and pioneer in digital strategy advisory. Detecon supports companies from all domains to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology.

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